Local content

EPS aims to develop and improve Nigeria’s economic and social development through the engagement and support of local manpower.

At EPS, our priority is to contribute to this ambitious project through the engagement of local content.

Our vision on local content encompasses the valuation of industrial fabric, the contribution of domestic firms, and the development of local skills.

EPS’s goal is to create an efficient, viable, and sustainable work environment based on the use of Nigerian resources.

We believe that through training, and the transfer of these skills, significant and sustainable contributions can be made to the values of the Nigerian people.

NES, méthode

Our services offer two approaches in training and development support: one geared towards companies and the other towards consultants.

For the consultants, we provide specific training based on the job requirements.

For the companies, we consider and enhance your global training strategy to meet the local content requirements.

With ever evolving careers we are committed to the transfer of skills, knowledge and work methodology giving our personnel the tools to compete in the global market.

The purpose of the transfer of skills will allow:

  • to anticipate and match the evolving changes in terms of know-how in different projects and their life cycle.
  • to facilitate the re-deployment of our personnel into new projects.

Upon building a firm foundation, our contribution will also extend to the development and maintenance of these capabilities as a continuous process, ensuring a strong, reliable and efficient source of local workforce.